I Never Saw That Coming!

Love The Beat Goes On 3


Last night started out like any other evening. I’m reading a great thriller book by an author I admire James N. Miller, No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story Book 2. And I settled in to get lost in the story.

I received a text around 9 pm from my editor. I’m a fiction author. I write what I read—until I decided it was time to write my story. She’d sent my manuscript back for second edits. But first, let me give you some background.

In the summer of 2015, I was in a deep dream state and woke abruptly. A loud voice called to me: “Are you ready yet?” The sun was streaming in my window and I was laughing out loud. Dr. Wayne Dyer had died that week. He was on my mind and in my heart. I’d know his voice anywhere.

If you follow the New Thought Movement you will recognize Dr. Dyer’s name. I started reading his books and watching his You Tube videos many years ago; before we knew what new thought was. My sis and I were in Ottawa enjoying a Psychic/New Age weekend when I came upon Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life. Hay House published Dr. Dyer’s books. Of course I bought it and lugged it around for at least twenty years until it was available on Kindle. It became a cornerstone in my spirituality as did Dr. Dyers works. From there, Reiki, Tarot, Visualization, Dream Analysis, and A Course in Miracles—these practices, and books related to them, became pivotal in my life.

So in 2008 when I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy I turned to the things that helped me evolve into the woman I am today. I’d built up a very low tolerance for negativity and acceptance of things that hurt and diminished me. I’ve got three divorces that will attest to that! And after several months of zero improvement to my heart, my cardiologist suggested I “get my affairs in order.” He used the word “incurable” which was devastating. But I was far from done.

I started writing my story at the end of 2009. But I wasn’t ready to publish it. And in 2015 Dr. Dyer asked me if was ready yet! It wasn’t until the end of 2016 that I felt the time was finally right. It’s my journey and a small but very significant part of my life. LOVE The Beat Goes On. I’ll share the link when it’s available on Amazon.

So let me go back to last night, where this story began—and the email. I started second edits like I would any other book; and then it hit me. It hit me that it’s 2017 and I’m alive! I get to share the things I did and how I felt, and the love that brought me back from near death.

I started to cry. And I couldn’t stop crying.

I don’t remember crying during the whole healing process. I only remember my determination to heal. One step led to another. I was guided to do the things that made my heart whole again.

And last night, it hit me. I couldn’t finish the editing for my tears.

Then the strangest thing happened. My computer file went crazy on me: weird lines and jumbled sentences. It was if all the spirits that helped me heal came out to play and celebrate!

Or maybe it was Dr. Wayne W. Dyer letting me know that he was watching over my shoulder and was so proud of me.

And now, I can’t stop smiling. Yes Dr. Dyer, I’m ready now.



LOVE The Beat Goes On


My amazing birthday ended with fireworks and chocolate lava cake, and two young men who filled my heart with joy. But that’s not where it started.

The beginning of a new decade is a pivotal time in anyone’s life . For me it’s a champagne-popping moment to make a committment to take risks that will take my breath away. It’s also an anniversary. It was almost ten years ago that I was given six months to live and I’m about to publish that story.

I love five star dining; I also love dining on my own. But… The little voice inside my head tells me I should go with someone. What will “people” think? Would you feel pity for a single woman in an elegant restaurant alone on her birthday? It wasn’t an easy decision. I made the reservation and thought about canceling it several times. But I did it!

Every single moment was magical. I held a conversation inside my head of all the wonderful adventures and plans I have for 2017. I let go of control and suggested to the waiter that he surprise me with each course of my meal. He nodded in amazement, but reveled in my pleasure at his choices.

The waterfront bistro nurtured me with understated elegance and candle-lit tables on rattan mats on the sand. I watched the sunset paddle boarders and the twinkling lights of the yachts resting on gentle turquoise waters. And sighed over the soft lilac and rosy glow across the Sierra Madre Mountains surrounding the Bay of Banderas.

But most magical of all, were two young boys that shyly approached my table after my surfboard with chocolate, macaroons and ice cream erupted in delightful fireworks.!

“My Daddy said it was okay for us to come and tell you that we think you are beautiful, and we want to say Happy Birthday.” How perfect is that.

The next 365 days will hold moments of magical living that will take me outside my comfort zone. Do you want to join me?


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JDL street art “Black and White Beauty”

In honor of Women and their Art.

Street Art 360

This Wednesday is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate being a 21st Century woman and to call for change in the working world,   Perfect day to post about a young female street artist you should know: JDL Street Art.

JDL street art aka Judith De Leeuw is a young  female urban artist based in Amsterdam, specialized in realistic and freehand aerosol portraits.

JDL Street Art

Let me introduce you to my friend Judith, i asked her few questions about her and her artwork:

Who are you Judith ? 

I am a 21 years old street artist,  born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Also i am in my first year of Fine arts at Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam. Though i am quitting by the end of the year, because i am too busy with my art and it seems i can live pretty nicely from my art already.

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Facebook Reactions Are Now More Valuable Than Likes

by  alheva_facebookMeet Edgar.Com

They said at the time that reactions would end up influencing their algorithm – and now, they finally are.

As you probably know, Facebook assigns values to the actions users take in the News Feed, and adds up those values to determine how many people should see a post.

When reactions were first introduced, they were each given the same value as a like – clicking the Like button was worth the same as reacting with a heart or an angry face.

Now, though, reactions are worth MORE.

Facebook says that reactions are now more valuable than likes – and that means getting people to use them is more important than ever!

(Side note: for now, all reactions are worth the same – so a surprised face isn’t worth more than a sad face, or vice versa.)

How can you encourage people to use reactions, though?

Let’s take a look at what a few super successful brands are doing!

Share content that makes people FEEL something

Want people to express an emotion stronger than a like?

Make them feel it!

Facebook offers five reactions – Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Are you creating and sharing content that makes people feel any of those?





TARGET in the Sun, Book Inspector Review



Thank You very much to Author for the review copy.
Genre: Crime/romance
Release date: 27 01 2017

Amazon US   http://goo.gl/CFqlgv
Price: £3.17 (GBP)*
Pages: ~283
My rating: 8/10
You can get this book here:Target In The Sun (Carlos & Mia Book 1)  http://goo.gl/CFqlgv
Summed up in few words: drug cartel life, fighting inner demons, looking for love.

Description of the book: ‘TARGET IN THE SUN’, A moving high anxiety romance thriller, takes us on a perilous journey through the explosive dark underworld of organised drug trafficking and the complex, destructive human perils of use, abuse and the carnage it leaves in its wake. Caught up in the onslaught is the powerfully engaging nurture of two lovers, Carlos and Mia, discovering and reaching out in a world that could ultimately tear them apart. An infant loses both his parents tragically and spends his youth and young adulthood in disconnected search and longing, surviving on the streets of coastal Mexico where the beauty and allure of his homeland mix with his relentless desire to belong. Anticipation builds as powerful human emotions span a search for love, acceptance and belonging to existence in a world wrought with escalating illicit drug trade from the depths of lush Mexican jungles across borders in a vast network of distribution throughout America. An expansive coalition of drug enforcement agencies on both sides of the border mount a fierce campaign of surveillance and seizure with swift and destructive assault on the drug lords their ultimate objective.

All the while a young boy struggles with the heart-wrenching prospect of a life of loneliness, sadness, anger, and an unwavering resistance to commitment. Amidst the turmoil of surroundings and circumstance a boy becomes a man in a search for belonging that leads a troubled soul on a dangerous romp from the sultry Mexican Riviera beaches to the heat of coastal nightclubs and salacious entanglements behind closed doors. As time passes, Mia’s visits to Puerto Vallarta become more frequent and her relationship with Carlos becomes ever-clearer. At first mere carnal instinct, a conquest of pleasures, life events and new acquaintance bring discovery, emotional attachment and a burning desire for enduring love as it was always meant to be. ‘Target In The Sun’ is an impassioned story of search and longing for the ultimate connection.

How this book made me feel: the provided description of the book hardly leaves much out, but there is way more to this book. There are three main characters in the book: FBI detective Lucia, Carlos and Mia. While reading this book, I found that the characters chosen in this book are really interesting and disturbed in their own way. I really liked that a character is retelling the story of other characters, which makes two stories going on at the same time. I really liked Carlos as a character; he is this bad boy with incredibly kind heart in a way, and always trying to help. He is very interesting to read about. After reading about the author, Mia’s life story somehow reminds me of the author’s life story. Was the author writing about her wishes and experiences??? Let’s leave that to your imagination. I’m very grateful, that author gave voice to more than one character, it was great to see the story from their perspective and it makes the whole book more interesting to read.

While reading this book, I really enjoyed the plot itself. This exotic life in Mexico and the daily struggle, which ordinary people have to go through, really fascinated me. Even though the story was interesting, I missed some twists and turns in this story, it kind of plodded along. The writing style in this publication was really interesting; it was like a diary with this very naive way of writing. The language was very easy to read, but there were some Spanish phrases for which you might need to use some sort of translator. I am not a fan of long chapters as it gets me bored really easy, that’s why I was very happy to see that chapters in this novel are short and quick to read. This book is not very suitable for young people; it does contain a lot of sexual scenes and talks about sex. I really liked that this book discussed the situations which are everyday life in Mexico. The struggles which ordinary Mexicans have to face to feed their families and how easy it is to slip into a criminal’s life. I really enjoyed that author was discussing the drug problems and how it is influencing all people down the trafficking chain. The ending of the book was really well thought through and concluded the book really nicely. When I heard that there is a second book, I was surprised but at the same time intrigued. So to conclude, if you are looking for something related with Mexican drug cartels, exotic and romantic, give this book a go and you might be pleasantly surprised.

About the author: Lynda lives and creates in sultry Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She writes raw, fast paced, mysterious and sometimes heart-wrenching stories. She’s published three books of poetry, three JET Kindle World novellas, and two LEI Kindle World novellas. TARGET in the SUN is her first novel. Espionage, cyber high-tech thrillers and contemporary romance are her favourite genres. When not writing she loves to photograph the people of Mexico, the wild Pacific Northwest, the healing soul of Sedona, Arizona and the romantic heart of Paris.

*-the price was taken from Amazon.co.uk at current date. Price might change at your time of purchase.


Why is Harry Potter by JKRowlings so successful?


How do you plot? Or do you? When I wrote my first novella, JET-Exposed fanfiction for Russell Blake’s JET  series I followed his direction and plotted. I use an Excel spread sheet and then refer back for each subsequent JET story when plotting the next.

I discovered this screenshot of JK Rowling‘s method amongst over 10,000 photos. I have no idea where I found it but could be on one of the news sites. Credit goes to some amazing author who shared this. I hope it inspires.

I’ve recently come across a book recommended by Toby Neal USA Today Best Selling Author, who loves and uses the methods described in Take Off Your Pants! Outline Your Books For Faster Better Writing. by Libbie Hawker. I will definitely incorporate her ideas into my plotting. https://goo.gl/ASBJAK

When JKR wrote the first Harry Potter book she used a typewriter. This one above is the handwritten plotting for her fifth book. I wonder if she’s moved to a computer yet. Either way, she’s written the most compelling stories so there’s something to be gained by plotting. Do you agree?