Sexual Energy…can you create without it?

Sex energy is fuel, sex is not the end goal, creation is the end goal.

Today was an extremely creative day for me.

Actually,  the last four days have been super prolific and dynamic. I designed four book covers.  I completed a 12,000-word short story prequel for Luke Raven, the Raven Group in my JET Series for Kindle Worlds. Between typing “The End” and pouring a cup of coffee, I outlined 2 more short stories in this new series.  I’ve written several blogs, answered questions on Quora, worked in my garden and planned several advertising/marketing campaigns.

So I decided to go on a search for the correlation between sexual energy and creativity because I certainly have an excess amount of sexual energy buzzing around me!

Here are a few thoughts for you. I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

Reblogged part of How to Transmute Your Sexual Energy by Victor Pride, Bold and Determined

In Napoleon Hill’s best book Think And Grow Rich, he mentions transmutation of sexual energy as the vital ingredient in achieving big success.

So many have read the book but do not understand what transmutation of sexual energy is and they don’t understand how to do it.

Transmutation of sexual energy = using your sexual energy as fuel to create great work or do great business.

In this article, I will show you what transmutation of sexual energy is, but more importantly, I will show you how to cultivate sexual energy in the first place.

If you do not have a big sexual energy, how could you ever harness your sexual energy to create great work? That’s a great question and here’s the answer: you couldn’t.

More important than transmuting sexual energy, is cultivating the sexual energy that you will use as fuel for your great work.

Many times a person’s sexual energy is abused and wasted by having too much sex, or it is discarded by not having any sex and becoming domesticated.

Great work is not created by killing your sexual desire and great work is not created by constantly exercising your sexual desire.

Great work is created by cultivating a high sexual desire and letting this desire energize you.

To use intense sexual desire as the fuel for your great work, a balance has to be created.

So let’s create that balance and teach you how to transmute your sexual energy.

Sexual energy is made up of one ingredient…


Every great business genius says the exact same thing about building their business.

They say building their business requires what?

They always say passion is the key ingredient in success.

But how do they define passion? They always give you a watered down, clean, suburban definition of passion that takes all of the danger away.

Their definitions of passion are always fake, meek, and weak.

For passion to manifest, an element of danger has to be included. To take the danger out of passion is to take the meaning out of passion.

No danger = no passion = no great work

Here is the definition of passion. Pay close attention to the words…

Without passion you are without fire, you are without fervor, you are without lust, you are without obsession, you are without a temper, you are without intense desire.

With passion, you are strong and barely controllable.

{ I’ve chosen to leave out some info here that relates to men/marriage. You can read the whole article by clicking on the link. }

How to transmute your sexual energy?

To transmute your sexual energy you must have a lot of sexual energy in the first place!

Before you can use sexual energy as fuel, you have to have a lot of sexual energy to use.

If you’re a broken dog, you must fix yourself and return to a healthy level of sexual desire.

To create the great work you must be brimming with vitality and sex drive.

Without a high sex drive, you will never have the energy to create great work. This is where all great work comes from.

Sex drive is the energy that drives, the fire that burns, the light that shines. Cultivate it, embrace it, accept it, love it.

Great work comes with an element of danger.

What is dangerous? A high amount of sexual energy is dangerous.

You must be a little (or a lot) dangerous with your sex energy.

Remember all of those bad words in the definition of passion? Words like lust, obsession, fanaticism, infatuation, craze, mania.

These are the REAL WORDS of success, forget any weak and meek definitions of passion. Only those big, bad words are real.

All of those big, bad words like lust and infatuation will be aimed at one person…


Your muse is the object of your fire and deepest darkest desire.

The muse is the actual true way you transmute your sexual energy into great work.

Muse = a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

You use the fire you have for your muse and you let it drive you to do your great work. The muse is the key to everything.

No muse = No great work

You always do better work when you work for something more than yourself.

Some work for their kids, some work for their God, some work for their wife, but all the best have a muse they work for.

You do not have to be sexual with your muse, but the energy is always sexual.

Pent-up sexual energy is the best because you can release that energy into the work.

Rather than releasing the energy into the object of your desires and getting nothing but short-term thrills, you can let your desire build to a crescendo and you can release that energy in a volcano of great work.

The muse can be anyone. It can be a long lost love that you will never see again or a new lover you cannot wait to see again.

It doesn’t matter who the muse is.

The object of your desire does not matter. Their reality does not matter.

Your muse is the object of YOUR desire.

You use your muse as fuel to get what you desire.

Can women transmute their sexual energy?


Sex is the source of all creation on earth. Sex is the genesis of all creativity. It matters not if you are male or female.

True living creation comes from sexual union. Babies are the literal form of creation. If you can create one thing (a baby) you can use this energy to create another thing.

You can use the same sexual energy to create your great work.

High sex energy does not mean always having sex!

Having a high vitality or sexual energy does not mean being a sex freak obsessed with sex.

Transmuting sexual energy and cultivating sexual desire is not the same thing as being a sex addict.

Not even close.

Your sexual energy has to build up and it cannot build up if you constantly use it.

If you have too frequent sex it will dissipate your energy. After many years your body will be so sick, tired, weak, and you will be mentally ill as well.

You cannot be focused on sex all the time, you have to focus your desire.

Sex energy is fuel, sex is not the end goal, creation is the end goal.

The goal of sex is not to have sex, it is to create a baby. The goal of transmuting your sex energy is not to have sex, it is to create your great work.

Build your sex drive, cultivate a high sexual energy, be obsessed with your muse, and use your sexual energy as fuel for creation.

There is no right or wrong way to use your sexual energy. You do not have to live like a monk and you do not have to live like a sex freak.

What you have to do is build a fire and then maintain it.

After you have built a raging fire, does it require constant supervision? Not really. Just stoke it every now and again.

Passion is the path to creation.

What is passion? Passion is a crazy high sexual energy.

To succeed big you must cultivate a high sexual passion and use that energy as fuel.

It is as simple as this: have sexual drive, use it as fuel to drive you to greater and greater heights.

Have a big libido. Be dangerous. Embrace both your inner scumbag and your inner monk.

Remember, you do not need to ACT on your desire but you do need to have desire.

When you do have a big desire, you will find that the world is more than willing to get on its knees to please you.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

And if you need anything to get your sexual energy building join the readers who’ve fallen in lust with Layla’s life and her men in Lie To Me an exposé on sex for money

Redefining your Relationship with Phone

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 1.40.47 PM


Have you ever left the house without your cell phone and gone completely crazy about it?

This is a scary good blog… I especially loved #5 Practice trial separations!

Read the entire article by following the link at the bottom. Thanks to Himanshi Shukla and her blog The Caged Bird Sings. 

Here’s a checklist to give you something to think about.

  1. Reframe the way you think about it: Most of us think that mobile phones are status symbols, cool, trending, a pleasure gaining or time pass machine. After a tiresome, boring day at the office, you think that phone lets you relax. When you don’t give enough time to your phone, anxiety surrounds you. All you need to feed now onwards is “spending more time on my life”, instead of “spending less time with my phone”.
  2. Ask yourself what you want to pay attention to. The people who design apps desperately want your attention. Have you ever wondered, why so many social media apps are free? It’s because the advertisers are the customers, and it is your attention that is being sold. Now ask yourself, what’s your priority in life and where do you want to direct your attention.
  3. Know that you’re a master and not a slave: A master is one who can have complete control over his instincts, while a slave is controlled by his instincts. If you can understand this difference, you’ll not waste time on social media, despite having apt data services and all the apps on your phone. Remember you have to use your phone and not get used to it or by it.
  4. Create speed bumps: It’s amazing how we often pick up our phones “just to check”, then look up 20 minutes later wondering how time flies. One solution is to create “speed bumps” which are some obstacles that you’ll create yourself that’ll feed your subconscious mind and ensure that whenever you pick up your phone, it is a result of a conscious choice. A good example is setting a lock screen that reminds you.
  5. Practice trial separations: Leave your phone at home while going on a walk. Stare out of the window while commuting, instead of using your phone. Pay attention to your craving. What does it feel like in your body? Keep checking and observing it. Slowly, it’ll fade away by its own.
  6. Use technology to protect yourself from technology: Time cracking apps like Moment, Quality, OFFTIME, etc measure how much time you’re spending on your screen. Results might surprise you!
  7. Use the sight of other people on their phones as a reminder: Believe it or not, just like yawns, the habit of using the phone is contagious too. Whenever you see someone else using their phones, you can use it as a cue to take a deep breath and relax, and know that you’re a master!
  8. Get existential about it: If all else fails, consider your own mortality. How many people you think are going to grieve on their deathbeds that if only they’d spent some more time using their phones? Keep on asking this question again and again to yourself. This is your life. How much of it do you want to spend on your phone?



via Redefining your Relationship with Phone

Enjoy the journey

is the destination

Inspired by Vashti Q

I think sometimes we are in such a hurry to get “there” that we forget to enjoy the journey.

This past 8 months I set goals for myself. Not only writing goals, projects to accomplish and books to publish, but I attached quantitative unit/financial goals to my writing. I’m enjoying watching the sales growth in all aspects of my business. But also I’m satisfying that business-woman part of me that likes to learn the “why” and the “how” of blogging, newsletters, marketing, FBooking, Twittering…haha, yes, I also have my own creative language that goes with my stats.

I’ve made so many new friends, authors, trainers, teachers, gurus and PA and even VA. If I have to explain those last two terms, you need to email me! And I will give you the pep talk you deserve!! I’ve learned that FB is not just for posting sexy, raunchy photos, witty notes and stunning photos of sunrises…oh, and meeting “interesting” young men. It’s a great place to network and study the habits of highly successful authors who understand and have developed their business to the point where they run financially viable enterprises.

As some of you know, with the introduction of Lie To Me an exposé on sex for money I’ve officially come out of the closet. Yes, I’ve accepted the fact that I might be a romance writer. I thought I was writing suspense, sometimes mystery/suspense and then TARGET in the Sun won Best in Contemporary Fiction 2017– I had to look up the definition of “Contemporary Fiction.” I was about to release Lie to Me and found myself blushing as I described its contents. I’m now able to admit out loud, it’s “steamy.” I’m over myself. I accept the raunchy romantic side of me and gleefully throw my thoughts down on paper and just go for it.

So, after struggling with my internal demands to make my authoring business financially viable, I decided to continue learning, growing and maturing as both a writer and an authorpreneur. And yes, I am truly enjoying the journey. I hope you are too!

“If You Don’t Have TIME, You Don’t Have PRIORITIES!”


First of all, thanks to Evan Carmichael and his #Believe network for Tim Ferriss’s 10 Rules for Success Vol. 2. Find Evan on YouTube with new motivational/inspirational videos daily. This site is my first stop every morning before I begin my day!

Let’s take a look at what Tim Ferriss has to say. Many of you will know him for his book The Four Hour Work Week Escape 9-5,

These are Tim’s Top 10 Rules of Success

  1. Ask Great Questions
  2. Start Small
  3. Be Focused
  4. Unplug and Reset
  5. Accept the Collateral Damage
  6. Try the Five Minute Journal Method
  7. Schedule Your Time
  8. Get Feedback
  9. Simplify
  10. Do Acroyoga


See the full video here. I know you will be intrigued by his simple concepts. I #LOVE  #5 Accept the Collateral Damage.

Thanks, Evan Carmichael, you are my hero!


Marketing on FB? A must read!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.30.49 PM

via 5 Facebook Tips To Help With Your Book Marketing  by Nicholas C. Rossis

Tip #1: Images Posted Via Instagram Receive More Engagement

Tip #2: Posts With Hashtags Receive Less Engagement

Tip #3: Save Links For Later

Tip #4: Almost Half Of Facebook’s Users Are Mobile Only

Tip #5: Facebook’s Audience Is Growing Up In Western Markets

Thanks, Nicholas C. Rossis for this timely and enlightening piece.


Check out Gisela Hausmann’s latest book in her series the Little Blue Book for Authors 101 Clues to get more out of Facebook  

“Having read and learned (and been entertained) by eleven of Gisela’s many books, it is comfortable to admit that I always learn something fresh and valuable from her expertise and coaching. As a fellow reviewer on both Amazon and Goodreads it is fascinating to discover the depth of her experience and insights into the functioning of creating and subsequently marketing books – all the ins and outs, dos and don’ts she shares are astonishingly helpful.” from Grady Harp top Amazon Reviewer

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 7.35.01 PM







the first time ever I saw your face

I laughed out loud at your twitching mustache

and dancing soft gentle eyes


you teased me

and made me blush

and made me forget a

heart battered and bruised by life

         your smile became my hope


and I in turn awakened you from a long, long sleep

self-enforced heart prison

in mourning still for one who had died


and now the tables have turned, my love

and you are fighting for your life

and you have chosen to push me away

millions of heart miles between us


emotions on lockdown

         and still, I refuse to give up hope


I force myself upon your lonely heart

and make you angry

because I won’t go away


the first time ever I saw your face

I knew I would hold you in my heart forever


© Lockdown, LOVE REHAB



#TimeDebt Linda Sivertsen



For all of us who never seem to have enough time, I thought I’d share my friend Linda’s talk on TEDWomen. She makes some extremely valid points for all of us. Time is becoming more and more precious. I know you will enjoy this and find a whole different way to look at how you spend your time.

TEDWomen talk on #TimeDebt. You’ve heard of financial debt: spending money you don’t have. But Time Debt is perhaps more widespread and dangerous. Learn about the details of this little-known “disease of our era” that affects nearly everyone. If you’re overinvesting in the care of others and underinvesting in self-care; spending time reacting to other people’s emergencies, with little time for the prevention of your own; or, like I used to, losing precious days/months/years to a dramatic marriage, listen up! My TED video reveals simple fixes that could change, even save your life. 💚#TEDWomen

Thanks, Linda! We expect to see a book on the subject from you soon!