NOVELS Lie to Me, & in the Sun Series, TARGET, VANISHED


Lie To Me an exposé on sex for money


“Lie to Me is insanely captivating, entertaining and exciting. It’s a spellbinding story that explores the psychology of sex in a way that defies Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.

Lynda Filler’s novel is character-driven, emotionally intense, and packed with action, a story that explores male psychology regarding sex and a woman’s quest to redefine her identity in a world of twisted morals, where men are driven by the quest for orgasm. 

The characters are exceptional, written with depth, and a lot of humanity is injected into them.

It’s the kind of book that entertains readers while forcing them to review their sense of reality. A must-read!”

       —–Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite   5 STARS.

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TARGET in the SUN,  Carlos and Mia #1

on July 15, 2016
Five Giant Stars! I read it one day! Could not put it down and loved this unique and brilliant approach to letting each character tell the story through their own narrative. Highly recommend it and I plan on reading more novels from this author. Thank you, Lynda Filler!
on September 30, 2016
“Target in the Sun” is a compelling story of an unlikely couple and how their fate influenced the fates of those around them. First of all, kudos to the author for telling this story from different perspectives, which allow the reader to better associate and sympathize with the characters, Carlos, Mia and Lucia.
The idea of telling each personal story in the form of journal entries and emails works really well in this sense, and I personally loved reading the “firsthand account” of Carlos growing up in a Mexican village with drug cartels, murders, corruption and poverty being a typical lifestyle. Certain aspects of Carlos’s experiences, such as loss of his parents at an early age, becoming a drug mule for his family and witnessing the appalling conditions in which children have to grow in this country, were difficult to read, but that’s because they’re so real and need to be talked about.
Also, what I really appreciated was that Carlos didn’t allow his soul to harden despite all, and remained a kind-hearted young man who only craved love and companionship, which he was lucky to find in Mia. I won’t give away the plot, but trust me, it’s a great and very important read.


on August 10, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Gripping and suspenseful, clever and sharp, Target in the Sun is a romance thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed the format, telling parts of the story through letters. I also enjoyed how smoothly it read, the type of book that sucks you in. Highly recommended.
on March 3, 2017
Format: Paperback
Targets in the sun is a love story like no other. Filled with suspense, pain, love, and drugs this book is a page-turner. Written in the form of letters, paper clippings and quotes it tells the story of Carlos ( a boy whose family are like the drug Mafia of Mexico), Mia ( a party girl with an alcoholic father) and Lucia (an FBI agent) and how they all connect and save each other. To begin with, getting used to the flashbacks and different narratives was quite confusing but once I got into it, which didn’t take long, I couldn’t put it down and read it in a day. I believe the author did quite a bit of research for this book and it really gives you a feel of what life in Mexico and the drug problem is like. Strong characters and written extremely well. Highly recommend to fans of suspense, thriller, romance or. Anyone just looking for an interesting and different read xx
on August 18, 2016
I’ve got to say this book was really good. I really enjoyed it. Romance…and action. What I liked the most was the way it was written, with different perspectives. At first, I looked at the list of chapters and thought…wow…how many pages is this book! After reading it, the number of chapters made sense. Lynda did a great job with this novel. It’s not easy to pull of this writing style, but she does it effortlessly. Some books you read and think, yeah it’s similar to this or that and very predictable. Target in the sun isn’t your typical romance novel…it’s better.
I can’t recommend it enough.



VANISHED in the SUN, Carlos and Mia #2


on March 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Vanished in the Sun is the sequel to Target in the Sun. It continues the life of Carlos, Mia and Lucia. It also brings in more characters as well as finding more about previous ones. I thought there was alot more adventure in this book and it is very fast paced. I did struggle with some of the new characters and got a few mixed up but once again as soon as I worked them out it didn’t last long and didn’t spoil the book. From the middle to end is especially fast paced and didn’t realise I’d read so much in that time!! Another well done to this fantastic indie author for making a second book as good as the first one which is not am easy feat! xx
on February 16, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the second in the Carlos and Mia books from Lynda Filler and I was thrilled to see she has expanded her style and plot arcs to bring us a much more fulfilling story in this second installment. The first book in this series was good, but the second is even better. Characters who played on small parts in the original have much greater impact in the second book. I especially liked the development of Lucia and Sofia.
This is an exciting, fast-paced thriller set in today’s real Mexican Drug Wars and I can highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a great read.
on February 7, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

My heart was pounding throughout the whole book.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out the unexpected occurred. Unorthodox, yes! Believable, Yes! A love story across time that brought so many lives together. So many lives taken, emotional avalanche, struggles, suffering and above all love out of the most unlikely circumstances. This was an exhilarating read that kept me on my toes in anticipation.

I’m so glad that I got a follow up on the first book and now I am at my wits end on when I will get to read the next. So many questions were answered as if the writer were reading my mind. And now I have many more questions, that need to be answered.